Annabel Mejia

In 2018, I took a dive into the unknown. 

Today, I am a lifestyle and product photographer based in Miami, Florida. I help beauty and hospitality brands create scroll stopping, double-tapping, social sharing content. 

2 years ago. . . 

I walked away from a secure director position of a manufacturing/processing company in the food industry and I let go of the idea that success could only come from a corporate position. With my extensive knowledge in sales, marketing, accounting, operations, management; I felt that I had the right tools to set myself on the path to building my own empire. 

With nothing but my dreams of running my own business, I worked day and night to learn more about photography, a passion that I buried long ago to pursue traditional expectations.

After many rejections, failures, tears, and sleepless nights; I've built the foundation for a business that is designed to help entrepreneurs connect with their consumers through visual gratification. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with many different brands to share their story and inspire people to appreciate the beauty in everything. 

i'm a libra

Yes. It's true. 



what I want for lunch and

I might never ever make up my mind about it. 😂


But on the bright side, I

do know, that I am also 

creative, easy to get along 

with,  well-balanced and

easily your next best friend. 😜  



Sharing my fave #ootd from this month! I love to dress comfy and nothing is easier than slipping on a cute dress and some chucks. 



From plump lips to luscious hair and hydrating smooth skin. These are my favorite beauty products for skin and hair this month!  

One of the accomplishments I'm most proud of is changing my mindset to a more positive one. 

Reading these books has really helped me retrain and mold my old ways.  

must read

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