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The Media Membership package was designed for entrepreneurs who seek to create consistent content for their community. 

This membership includes visual brand conceptualization, multiple locations, outfit changes, a month's worth of professionally edited images, and unlimited resources to help you grow your brand through content marketing.  


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A lifestyle and product photographer based in Miami, Fl. I create unique and memorable images for beauty, fashion, and hospitality brands. Let's connect! 


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Not sure what way to move your body so that every image seems almost effortless? Get a little camera-shy? Shooting in a public area and just don't want to have everyone staring at your awkwardness?


We've all been there! Here are 8 quick poses to practice and nail at your next photoshoot! 

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I have always been determined to be successful. Throughout my early twenties, I was obsessed with trying to figure out what success meant to me and how I can achieve it.


I thought it meant having an upscale job, fancy house, luxury car. But, as I worked my way up, I realized, that was just what I was imagining success meant. Success can be whatever you want it to be.


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